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– I myself, not shaved, and cream.

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– For what?
– And you did not like?

Inga asked as always carefully looking into my eyes.
– Nn-I do not know, now you kind of have a little girl.

I said, carefully avoiding eye contact with Inga.
– And you look like there smoothly.

She took my hand and placed it on his crotch. Even under water, I felt a smooth velvety skin and, after the palm just below, found a narrow gap between the folds of the labia majora, Inga slightly spread her legs, so I was comfortable.

It felt new, hairless pussy feel I’ve previously (in the year Natasha too guys are growing more) but this was something else. Before I did not have to focus girls hair “down there” or not, the presence of hair testified about growing up and, consequently, the potential for consent to sex, just, hair is often hindered oral sex (which is why I suggested home Katka remove them, it was rather experiment), but now I was hooked. Dirty chat no sign up.

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