Chaterbute. Why do you still do not run away across the sea, the wrong ?! You want to try their luck again ?! Allah willing, I, the servant of his divine sentence is finished.

Mameluke and angrily walked away laughing:

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– Look around you, here you can see my favorite, the best of my harem concubines.
Along the walls of the tent, indeed, sadly sat about a dozen naked girls.

Sir Robert quickly obbezhal their eyes. Black, white, brown, yellow – young beauties from around the world.

But the cold blue eyes knight still remained indifferent.
– Have you seen my women! – Angrily exclaimed meanwhile Emir – Now you have two choices: either you become a eunuch in a harem or rasstaneshsya with his head!

I see that you choose, so do the opposite!
Al-Amal signaled fat men and one of them bent down to squirm helplessly growling German. Chaterbute.


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