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– But you like it?

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– I liked – second pause, said Nina – Even as much.

They dragged me into this adventure, and I obsessively start to copulate with all the children in a row, which led Serge periodically – Nina laughed nervously again – but if you must know, I’ve never been happy until the end of these my adventures. Inside, I was plagued by remorse that I do uzhastnye things and let others do it.

– But now you glad? – Misha’s voice sounded pleading.
Nina looked him straight in the eye.

– Ever since I began to sleep with you, my children, all my inner anxiety disappeared somewhere. Yes, now I am glad that it happened.

You know, if the issue is not resolved so well, I probably would have gone crazy.
– But you’ve slept with Nadia.

– Yes, a year ago I caught her having sex with a vibrator. 18 web cam chats.

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