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– So what is it that they have witnessed my shame? What a mess! .. What do I do now?

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Shoot or what?
– Excuse me, aunt! – I accept its comfort, hugging and kissing. – They were playing and just let me know where and with whom you are going, while remaining in complete ignorance of why this is done.

And I was wondering … Peeper! .. What could be nicer?

Especially, when the sight of the object of adoration … And I did not fail to satisfy their curiosity.

But that I loved you even more, and I will love you forever, hoping to continue to enjoy your favor …
– What do you mean by this word?

– Just a little! .. Ready to be content with the crumbs from your table, friendly look and word …
– Well, yes, and be at the event deputy of his older brother! .. Video chat with aunty.

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