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We drove to her home, a two-storey building with a massive gate, from the night looked ominous.

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– Yeah … not bad … – prisvistnuv, I said.
– House as a house.

– Do you live alone? – Entering the gate, she held for me.
– Yeah – I heard in response, all I did not ask.

She opened the door, letting me come.
– If you want to take a shower, it is up the stairs first door on the right.

– It would not be bad. – Considering her mansion, I replied.
Walking up the stairs, I easily found the bathroom.

Throwing off all my clothes, I went into the booth and turned on the water.
After ten minutes of sweat cold shower, I finally came back to normal, my tense nerves calmed down and was ready for a new adventure.

Wearing over terry robe, a little … dry your hair hairdryer, I was about to pack up, but then the door there was a soft knock.
– Is it possible? – I opened the door, letting Lila inside.

– Where to put things?
– A throw into the machine, even more refreshing. – I obediently turned to the washing machine, opened the door and threw his armor. Sexychat com pirn.

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