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Suddenly, a young girl in a white ball gown with golden hair and two odango.

She tried hard to hide the traces of tears and lightly smeared lipstick. In the other side seemed to shadow quickly removed off her armor rattling quickly followed several guards.

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Note that in the garden she was not alone, golden-headed for reading a book.
– Hi, who are you? – Asked willfully fun girl.

Blue-haired companion started and looked around. Then stood up and curtsied.

– Mercury Princess Amelia, Your Highness! – She replied with some caution.
– Princess Amelia? – Golden-haired happy.

Very nice! I Serenity, Princess of the Moon!

Oh … just … you know me.
At this point, the palace fell out the company of three girls having fun discussing the guys.

One with long black hair in a red dress, the other with long golden hair in yellow dress, and the third with brown hair pulled back in a pony tail and a green dress.
– This Princess Makoto, Rei and Minako … Sex chat online.

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