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The guy immediately started, looked at his pants and quickly became shake off the spot where it hurt.

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– Could you be careful!
– What is it? – Naive, if not seeing the reasons she asked.

– You are my soiled pants with their hooves! – Unhappy boy was not going to show gallantry.
– Yes I Do?

And I did not even notice. Strongly blurred? – Especially sympathetic she said.

– I in them tomorrow was going to go to a disco. And now … this spot.

Wash necessary.
– Well, I’m sorry!

Ira specifically to play the fool, standing out yourself a nice girl. Otherwise, with a modest guy is not met.

– And who are you going? – Ira feigned interest.
– Yes, not all the same to you!

– And yet!
– With friends.
– Mmm!

And a lot of you have friends? – Not far behind Ira naively build of a fool.
– But why are you stuck ?! – The guy looked at her in exasperation.

– Oh, nothing! Sex chat gairl.

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