Next to me is the Face.

I think long and hard how to tie a conversation with her. She starts it by asking the question:

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– What are you doing in Moscow is your brother?

– Something to do with the upcoming departure of the army.
– And not a postponement is busy?

– No, about it, and he does not think … Another thing is that he wants to have time to get married.

– So he married?
– Yes, and probably on Sunday we will be able to contemplate his bride here …

– Really? And my fiance should come …
– You also get married?

– I’m going to, just have a fiance.
– It is a pity that you have not married.

– Why is that?
– I do not like girls …

What happened to them, the poor do?
– It is in what sense?

– How would you say it … Here, for example, you are here I like – all without exception. Grlchat.


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