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I even had to run to the nearest store to bribe beer so as pokozalos little drunk.

After drinking beer, we pretty quickly curled and everyone passing by train accompanied by a wild roar. Finally I saw that awful Donkey wants the toilet, she even stopped to sit on a feather bed and standing staggered wildly rust.

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-Possat Want? I asked her.

She nodded.
-Poshli The station, look no obossys! I laughed.

The station actually consisted of a toilet and a few shops. The village is small.

Zoydya inside I saw obrisovanye graffiti wall and inverted stalls, a prominent local kids amused here. In some places, there was garbage and were visible fragments of broken bottles.

We quickly went to the bathroom which was not as okozalos in lutchshe condition. Toilets and walls inside had disappeared and there were only a sink so small holes in the places where he once lived urinals.

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