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What’s the connection between Coley and …?
– And Sasha, do you want to ask?

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And this … I just ended month …

He knew about it and made an attempt at night, rather timidly, to get close to me …
– Who, Sasha?

– Pip you the language! Kohl it was! And I would not let him …

– And where does Sasha?
– And despite the fact that mnya, sinful, at that moment it seemed as if it was cool if it was he, Sasha, not Nick, was next to me! .. I do it, I would in no way be denied.

Oh, it would have I tried to please! .. And with this firm intention I told him to go to meet with me in Podolsk, and hence to you that we are both there brought him a sacrifice (though the victim is very, very sweet) for virginity multiple crush on him girls, including our daughters with thee. Chatramdomgay.


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