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On the face mass pimples and blackheads. Ripe, then.

And exactly like father, he too red, freckled, chubby, in the same glasses.

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– Meet this froylyan Lotta!

Knicks today do not pull. Modest nod.
– Good evening, gentlemen!

Papheny with obvious interest literally paw at me. The younger spontaneously flowing drool from the corner of his mouth.

– Froylyan, good evening, I learned that you can teach the boy a lesson of love?
– I do have some experience, my lord, – eyes modestly potupleny, head bowed, cheeks pink, pens clasp in front of him.

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– Well, Herr advisor was right, I am ready to pass into the hands of our Hans such a teacher – said the father. – Learn well, son!

– Come on, Hans! Chat cornerfor sex.

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