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June 8 19hh year.
So, I woke up, had breakfast.

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And now I write a continuation of what was a Saturday. I stopped on the fact that there was a heavy rain.

Yes I Am. Then we sat for a while and then decided to search the house – suddenly find something interesting.

We scoured all the cupboards and drawers, but found only a great bottle of wine that someone left and forgotten. Nothing better to do, we drank it.

We immediately hit in the head. Send a fun conversation.

Then someone suggested a game of cards. And since just play not interested, Lena (Well, who else would) invited to play on the strip.

We all agreed, as the wine liberating us. And the game began.

I do not know: whether we were not lucky, or Lena withered, but after a while we were sitting with her friends naked, holding a fan cards and Lena stayed in her skirt, under which, however, she was nothing and clothing. Wild girls chat sex.

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