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Webcam lobby. At the table, spread out on a large couch reclined another guy totally naked, and lay a towel on his hips, hiding his dignity.

This guy I named “Athlete”, as he was well inflated. In the next room apparently someone else slept.

Athlete looked at me drunken eyes and only nodded toward the table. The sailor asked me what I said and pour vodka, he poured me and myself, we had a drink in my head immediately became nice and quiet.

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A sailor went into the next room. All this time the athlete looked at me without stopping, then asked:
“Well, feel better?”
“More is not until the end, but it is much better.”
“So it is necessary to eat, go over here,” he said, looking at me with misty eyes.

I went. “Biting” he said, and pulled off his towel. I could not help saying, “Wow,” because under the towel turned out hefty dick hanging down between his legs. Webcam lobby.

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