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I continued to tell Steve that platform suits me best, because I can easily afford to add six inches to my height.

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“And after a little practice you can walk in them quite easily!” I added.

All the time we talked, I noticed that the eyes of Steve strayed to my feet
and feet. I spread her knees wide apart, and looked down to see if he can see through thong worn crotch shorts.

“Naughty boy! What are you trying to see?”

He blushed again and looked back at the road, not saying anything. I thought I might as well have fun while we’re going, so I licked her finger and stuck it in my crotch free … shorts.

“Mmmmm, as well,” I said, again drawing the attention of Steve.
“Ella, can I ask you something else?”
“Sure, whatever you want.” I pushed the narrow strip of strings and
found my favorite spot on the clitoris, so I closed my eyes to get a little more fun, while the car Steve calm myself worked. Sexy vdeo chat.

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