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Yes I Do! It was even before last apartment Yes, yes, yes!

It was the case! How could he not remember?

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Although Michael did not remember the details now, but the overall picture suddenly recovered his memory quite clearly.
They lie on the couch watching TV – mom, dad and he Misha.

It lies in the mother next door, and his father – spread out on the edge of the couch. They watch TV.

That is looking father and mother snuffle nearby – she fell asleep. It seems she drunk?

But what makes Misha? His eyes are directed at the TV, but his hand (!), His small, playful little hand – it is in the crotch sleeping mother!

It is very humid and warm. Afraid of being discovered Misha does everything very carefully.

He slowly starts his fingers deep into the vagina mother. Sax vidoe chating.

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