Livewebcamhornyteensexlocal. I settled in one dormitory, a man 35 years his name was Victor.

We met, drank a hundred grams of vodka talked about this and that and so what do come to play cards. Missed the first week of the life together in a hostel, we were there all day long studied in the evening, then wrote, read, play cards.

But on Saturday, the fun began.

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We have prepared myself for something to eat, have drank a bottle, so what do come to play cards.

A couple of times played the fool and Victor says:
– What do we play just like that, come on to something substantial to play.
I immediately said – on days of play will not I have everything in the butt if you’ll play will or hungry, or not enough for a ticket home.

– Come play at will, said Victor.
I agreed immediately started. Livewebcamhornyteensexlocal.


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