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Naked, Crimson, unbearably beautiful Lea looked at him for a while. Then pulled out a red notebook and silently handed him.

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Ricco nodded.
– Let’s start with you?
– Go ahead.

He opened a notebook at random – and began to read aloud:
– 27 September-
Today, he taught me how to kiss.

It turns out that it is necessary to learn. Today I lick like a calf, with two men: a dad and Dee.

In turn. Daddy shows and then watching whether I lick Dee. “Do not bite, do not take posture of you must be gentle initiative, as you would have to deal tongue and lips …

You tell your feelings, but without words …”
His lips were rough, hot and tender SUCH, damn him to fight, that I want to roar and hang himself. Kannada sex chating.

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