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Two, and then four fingers bossed me. With his other hand he caressed my buttocks, legs, back.

I could not resist, and, through the groans, asked:

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– Fuck me …
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Anton got on my knees between my legs and lifted my ass hips.

Sitting up on his knees, I gave her booty back. However, his head rested against his dick in my ass and after a slight resistance began to sink into my bosom.

I groaned with lust. He was a member and served. “Lord, now rammed stomach and out through the throat” – I thought. “Finally,” – his hairy crotch and balls rested against my buttocks.

Anton groaned:
– Oh, here it up the ass!
Left hand on the hair Anton pressed my head to the ground, and right slap on the buttocks, with the force squeezed her, pushing her ass. Erotichski chat.

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