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– Yes, that’s the second time is sent to you in the hope of finding the door unlocked, – I whispered, hugging and hugging her tightly.

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– Here’s how! .. And wandered down the road to Vera and Nadia …

And what is learned from them? .. There is something to tell? Then come in and tell me.

In the room where she introduces me, I immediately catches the eye of light from two included in the maximum brightness of kerosene lamps and an empty bed.
– And where Alexei Ivanovich? – I asked in bewilderment.

– Rid of it for an hour or two to walk around the neighborhood …
– How did you do it?

– She said she can not sleep because of his snoring.
– It really was snoring?

– What does it matter now? Sit down and tell me …
– Now …

Just let me first satisfy their natural curiosity and unbutton your gown …
– Well, perhaps, let … Chatsex asia.

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