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Since she was married (!!!!!), we agreed to meet with me. Father left (he lives separately from us) and hut remains free.

Logically, I asked her just to me. I wanted to meet her at the metro, but it somehow refused and said that he would find my house myself.

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I did not particularly insist (not in my principles).
The long-awaited tomorrow.

I otparvilsya to the university and all the time in the classroom was only thinking about the bottom.
Would quickly from here to the hut.

I was worried, I do not know why. Maybe afraid not like it.

While on the other hand, if you just sit, what there much of a difference, who looks like. The main communication should have been …

Barely after serving at full speed without even saying goodbye to friends, I went to the house. Chating sexindonesia.

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