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Lifting my head, he began to pour into my vodka. I moaned, turns his head away, afraid that I was going to be sick, but he poured into me, saying:
– Drink, bitch, drink!

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Vodka overflowed and ran down his cheeks and neck and formed under the head spot. But he still half a glass poured.

I coughed, Semenov shoved in my mouth bitten cucumber. Probably felt that without the snacks I can pull out and shove it in your mouth instead of a member of it, the benefit is not realized.

Vodka almost instantly add more hops to the first glass and dulled the reality of the situation. I felt good.

More precisely, all the same. I no longer feel the body aches and ankles, where they were handcuffed, I no longer feel a burning sensation in the vagina and ass. Alone chatwap in.

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