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Rada took off dressing gown and pushed Alice to bed.

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– Lay Down. Close your eyes and enjoy ….

Her lips clung to the mound of dark hair. Alice moaned.

– Lick me lick …
Rada licked labia girl.
– Oh, Radochka …

Well … Just as slowly, please slow!

Alice swung one leg down, and the second parliament threw on his shoulder. After a moment girl started shaking orgasm.

– A-ah … I’m glad I still lick, I beg you, I still want to!

Take me, take …
By Alice cries Rada started up by itself.

She frantically kissing the girl’s body, feeling her pleasure rolls. Dip one hand down, she began to help themselves.

Next orgasm hit them at the same time. Rada arched, and then writhing in agony sweet, collapsed on the couch.

Alice slipped on the floor and hugging her buttocks of his new mistress, began licking her pussy. Www 123sexchat com.

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