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Exactly at 19-30 trill was heard the doorbell, and the birthday boy went to open it, saying that no one did not expect too much. And then the door opened.

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In the hall she came.
– My name is Diana, I am your gift today.

Today you are mine, and I’m all yours, – said the guest.
– Rodion, very pleased – and was able to answer only the birthday boy.

Recover Diana did not let him. She slipped off her light cloak, revealing itself in all its glory both men.

This is not seen none of them.
Tall, slender, black shoes with high thin heels.

Finest dark stockings, the lovely translucent panties and bra. In her hands was a bag.

Rodion looked at Diana as a goddess and I thought that would do for this woman everything she orders him. Sexy chat indain giral.

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