Well, how?
Smooth as marble! – Cried the mother.

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-Then Kiss her, kiss – Gita bent her face to my crotch.
-You Smell so nice there.

Molodets- take care of yourself – my mother said, taking a deep breath. – But I’m afraid that it is now so easy on you will not leave.
Okay, now turn around and bunting show us his ass, – told the Gita.

-Nravitsya? – Addressed to his mother Geeta when I stuck her buttocks straight in their face.
-Of Course.

I love her body, it’s my daughter. How could it be otherwise?

If so, then why do not you both love now, right in front of me. Of course, you can practice at home.

But now I want to see how you love each other, – “Aunt” smiled slyly.
There was no longer a mother and daughter, feel free to own nakedness – we hugged, and her mother, raised her big tits and offered them to me. Sexgirlschat.


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