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– I do not know, Elizabeth L., but if you let me touch you …

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I take her hand, but she immediately grabs her and hides under the covers:
– You cheater!

– But you promised that in nothing I will not failure! ..
– Oh Really?
– And how! .. More recently, when we came here …

– Something I do not remember …
– Well! .. And then talked about kissing, and about something else …

– Let promised … And so what? ..

And covering his head with a blanket, he continues:
– I can not in this unusual and indecent to get out of bed to fulfill the promise … I’m sorry, but I can not bring myself to do it … … you’ll have to go back and wait until I give myself up …

– Why? – I object, and using the fact that she did not see the host disrobe. – Are you tired, so stay lying in bed. Sexe chating.

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