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Lena twisted in pain and reflexively closed her thighs with his hands.

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– Take your hands!

Right Away! Well, well – you are the worse.

Light with full force bombed the left and right hand of his daughter. Lenka howled in pain and withdrew her hand, like a scalded – it was much harder than the pope.

Light, happy produced effect, continued to lash Lenkina ass. A few minutes later, she struck about thirty strokes.

Here Lenka burst:
– Oh, oh, ui-ui as booooolno !!!
– Will I still be rude? – Light asked, continuing nashlepyvat both halves.

Lenka suchila kicking like crazy.
– No, never. I do not buduuuuuu.

Ouch! Fssss.
Light has been flogging a dozen searing attacks on the crease under the buttocks.

All the while screaming and twitching Lenka.
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