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Onlini chat 18. JUlechka shook his finger to his temple – say, a fool and went home.

Came, she found Maxim reading a magazine. During dinner, he asked her why she had such a contented look.

She giggled and said:

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– Men are the same! Couple tender glances and bottles of alcohol – and I know ALISIN secret.

– I hope you’re not enticed him?
– I? Yes, I have in mind was not.

Why would I want someone when I have you. I want to help him, because I feel sorry for him with all my contempt for him.

Oh, and your role in this case is not accidental: they have long tracked and made you stop the elevator to bring you as a witness. Everything was as I think.

But now our task is to save Ralevskogo (cohabitant it).
– What?

Not so fast, I do not understand.
Slowly and thoroughly Julia told him all the circumstances. Onlini chat 18.

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