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Hylas bliss.

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Having been refused Teyodamanta, angry Hercules attacked Dryopes killed their king and kidnapped prince Hylas, who was still a little boy.
Hylas helping hands, pressing the head of Hercules.

He wants that swallowed him whole. And Hercules responds to the desire.

The type of wielding mouth and tongue each other, the young man already … ready to finish. Love juice almost ready to emerge.

And then Gilas head presses more beloved to him and shoots him straight in the sky. Shot after shot.

Flooding the entire mouth with his juice.

Both simply do not understand what is going on – they take a toll on Olympus.
But Hercules did not want to release from his mouth splendor of youth, while not drink every drop of this gift of love.

“Now you are mine, and I do not give you to anybody,” – he thinks. Online gayroom chat.

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