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And when that moment was to come, he suddenly pulled out a member and froze.
– Do you think I’ll finish it in her mouth?

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But guess dick!
After waiting a few seconds, he took a bottle of beer and drank it in two gulps.

Then he turned me over backwards and made to bend. I leaned against the wall to steady himself, and he was free to contemplate my magnificent ass.

Suddenly, he slapped me on the buttocks hurt.
– Well, mare ready to jump? – He went on to mock.

Without waiting for an answer from me, Elephant clung to me. Member of his ran into a space between the anus and the mouth.

He felt the crotch, he spread his lips with your fingers, put the head into the slot and sharply came into me. I cried out his cock was too wide for me.

– Oh, you’re already all wet! – He was delighted. Livesexychat.


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