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– On the couch let him sleep Peter – offers maman. – And you, as a senior, will have to be content with two armchairs and chairs between them …

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– Wow! – I do not hide their discontent. – Imagine what I will now sleepless night …

– What can you do, my dear, – she comforted me, sitting down on the sofa and placed next to me.
– Did you must lie here? – I continue my whining.

– And why not?
– Well, yes, you would be here!

– What are you talking about, dear?
She gently around my shoulders and kisses.

– And you will come to me later, when I am laid to kiss again?
– And you can not do without it? -voproshaet maman. – You surprise me …

Like a little boy …
– Yes, and a little naughty!

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