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Chatrondon fransa. We all went together today in the cafe, although the cafe this place can not be called rather late night bar :) it would be better.

And the holiday began. Of course, many congratulations, laughter.

But also without incident has not done. I have long loved a young man.

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Although I did not know him so, but I always thought that he was attracted to me only with his body. Because on the face of it was not very much.

I think. But he’s a very cool guy, it was rumored, actually.

I also thought to invite him or not, and decided that it is not necessary, because we know each other badly.
But oddly enough it was in this bar.

I often glanced at him and tried different ways to get his attention. But I was a guy, and he sat with me in an embrace and generally under the table with one hand stroking my leg. Chatrondon fransa.

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