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And now, writing this memoir, I wonder:
“It so happened that the time would have brought me back to my youth, and I had traveled to repeat – I tried to change things?” … ..

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And mentally I say to myself – “Probably not, I would not change what happened …
After all, with all the turmoil smoothed age in memory!

It only remains pleasant, even in such circumstances embarrassing ……
Interestingly, perhaps that Natasha has become an expert in male pathology, and Galina now – retired …

A vivid memory, only stirs the blood, even after all this time ….
And of course, in his youth so want to live and feel the rush!

And if I had to get back to that time, no, perhaps I would not change anything on this page of my life …. !!!
Alexander century.

Sorry, I’m just as soon as anger shift at the mercy. Bhabhi free sex chat.

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